It’s Time to Remove Father Rupnik’s Art

While it is far short of the sort of justice that this case demands, we have reached beyond the point in the Father Marko Rupnik scandal when concrete steps must be taken to remove the disgraced artist’s ubiquitous mosaics from public display.

Certainly, this is easier said than done. But that is a logistical discussion, involving the mechanics of disassembling his works, replacing them with something better, and raising the funds needed to make that happen.

It might take years. It might prove costly. It will be a burden, to be sure. But the sooner the process begins, the better.

This is not an expedient surrender to iconoclasm or “cancel culture,” even though the court of public opinion already has judged him guilty of sexually, spiritually and psychologically manipulating and abusing multiple religious sisters under his authority.

Neither is it an anticipation of an eventual verdict in a court of law. Earlier this month there was a report that five more complaints have been forwarded to Vatican investigators. We still don’t know all the facts, and we don’t know what legal fate awaits the former Jesuit. The point is this: Father Rupnik is entitled to due process. His artwork is not.

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