Why is the Vatican STILL Featuring Artwork by Disgraced Rupnik?

It is getting more and more difficult to imagine how the Vatican types from Pope Francis on down could possibly mean it when they say they do care about victims or about justice for them in the Church.

Vatican Media illustrated its Feast of St. Joseph liturgical calendar post with a Rupnik studio image.

So, what?

Well, Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik (olim Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik SJ) is a disgraced celebrity artist-priest and sometime retreat leader credibly accused of spiritually, psychologically, and sexually abusing more than two dozen victims—most of them women religious—over the course of three decades, much of it spent right in Rome.

So, that’s what.

Officially, March 19th is the day on which the Church celebrates the universal patronage of Our Lord’s earthly foster father. In many Catholic countries, the March 19th solemnity is therefore celebrated also as Fathers’ Day.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Paolo Ruffini, Prefect for Dicastery for Communication, at info@vaticannews.va and demand he remove the artwork of disgraced Fr. Marko Rupnik from the Vatican’s website.