Cardinal Becciu is Just the Tip of the Corruption Iceberg in the Vatican

Cardinal Angelo Becciu’s eight-year tenure in the Vatican Secretariat of State has left a trail of scandal and moral wreckage that makes for sensational headlines. But that may be obscuring the more significant and under-reported aspect of Holy See’s corruption problem, and that is the apparent involvement of Pope Francis himself, as well as numerous … Read more

Pope Francis and the Cardinal Becciu Affair

Cardinal Angelo Becciu’s fall from grace in the Francis papacy is unparalleled in recent Vatican history, and the Vatican’s public relations apparatus is portraying his case as an example of the pope’s commitment to cleaning up corruption within the Holy See. However, Becciu’s misbehavior was on public display for many years while he held the … Read more

Archbishop Aquila Offers Fraternal Correction To Cardinal Cupich

On April 14, 2021 America Magazine, as part of its ongoing “Conversations” in America Media, published an article I wrote entitled: “For the church to live in eucharistic coherence, we must be willing to challenge Catholics persisting in grave sin”. In that article I made a number of points. The responses I have received to … Read more

The Health-First Heresy

The health-first heresy seems to have broken out quite spontaneously with COVID itself. It required no heresiarch to cultivate it other than the human fear of suffering and death. Its tell-tale mark is the claim, implicit or explicit, that care for the body trumps care for the soul. A correlative feature, scarcely less visible, is … Read more

WANTED: Bishops With Courage to Demand a COVID-19 Vaccine That’s Safe, Effective, and Moral

Now is the time—while the vaccines are in the process of development and testing—to denounce unethically derived vaccines and to promote morally sound ones. NOTE: While the USCCB did issue a letter on this subject, more is needed to ensure there will be an ethical vaccine alternative. The biopharma sprint toward production of a safe … Read more