Leading Synodalist Says Rupnik is Being Protected

“If we continue to remain silent, we contribute to continuing to hurt victims in their pain and loneliness. Even selfishly, we should start asking, talking, finding out why, given what we have seen and what remains to be seen, no one is free from being a victim of any type of abuse in the Church.”

We have just watched live the nauseating spectacle of seeing how victims, all victims of abuse in the Church, are revictimized. Being a victim in the Church is in itself a drama that has lifelong consequences and which, from what we see, seems to matter almost to no one.

The press release, like the one issued by the Vicariate of Rome, is an authentic filigree to say something that highlights the position of whoever issues it and that, in its “perfect?” writing, causes the margins of the text to be full of already very injured people, who continue to be insulted with contempt, indifference and, above all, with permanent doubt about what they denounce from the most absolute invisibility.

Marko Rupnik, expelled from the Society of Jesus, the aggressor and abuser who, let us not forget, a year after being ordained asked to be chaplain of the community of nuns whom he then subjected to all types of abuse and who were not the only ones, created the so-called Aletti Center that managed its work and business – which was all the same – alongside a small community that, according to the inspection and according to the Vicariate’s press release, shows that “there is a healthy community life without specific critical problems. ”

It would be desirable for the same statement to explain what is meant by “healthy community life”, knowing, as we already know, Rupnik’s ability to manipulate. Because we are not talking about someone who is driven by an uncontrollable sexual impulse, we are talking about someone who manipulates, distorts the will and consciousness of his victims and outlines each of his acts of abuse down to the smallest detail.

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