Notorious LGBT Priest at Synod Retreat: Women Oppressed by ‘Patriarchy’ should be ‘In the Center’ of the Church

The prominent pro-LGBT priest Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., has said that women who are supposedly oppressed by a “patriarchy” led by “old white men” should be placed “in the center” of the Church. 

During a pre-Synod retreat on October 1, Radcliffe stated, “we must remember all those who do not yet feel at home in the Church: women who feel that they are unrecognised in a patriarchy of old white men like me!” 

“People who feel that the Church is too Western, too Latin, too colonial,” he continued. “We must journey towards a Church in which they are no longer at the margin but in the center.” 

Radcliffe was invited by Pope Francis to lead a three-day retreat for bishops prior to the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican. 

The Dominican priest noted that “different understandings of the Church as home tear us apart today.” 

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