The Hyper-Urgent Lessons Rome Needs to Learn from the Rupnik Case

Regarding the systematic cover-ups of abuses, this has been the constant: there is silence and cover-up until the media brings the information to light.

The Rupnik case and the “damage” it caused and continues to cause went beyond the borders of the Loyola Community, becoming a paradigmatic case, with harmful direct and indirect effects on the Catholic Church and society.

The worldwide projection that this priest gained, resulting from his artistic works, theology books and his skills in seducing people, amplified the impact of the abuse and the impact of the cover-up of the abuse.

Given Rupnik’s prestige, not only as an artist, but also as a theologian, lecturer, leader of retreats and spiritual exercises, including at the invitation of the Pope, the denunciation of his egregious abuses transformed him into the “elephant in the middle of the ecclesiastical institution”.

Although the scandal only became public on December 1, 2022, the situation had been known to the Jesuits and the Roman Curia, including the Pope, for many years – at the initiative of some of the victims. Were there special monitoring and surveillance measures?

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