The Shocking Record of Cardinal Fernández on Sexual Abuse

The former archbishop of La Plata, Víctor Manuel Fernández, was recently appointed to be the Vatican’s doctrine chief by Pope Francis. An archbishop very close to the Pope is accused of covering up sexual abuse in Argentina, Víctor Manuel Fernández together with Pope Francis, who appointed him the new prefect of the Doctrine of the … Read more

The Hyper-Urgent Lessons Rome Needs to Learn from the Rupnik Case

Regarding the systematic cover-ups of abuses, this has been the constant: there is silence and cover-up until the media brings the information to light. The Rupnik case and the “damage” it caused and continues to cause went beyond the borders of the Loyola Community, becoming a paradigmatic case, with harmful direct and indirect effects on … Read more

The Ravages of Father Rupnik

This is the first article being published in a series of five articles. At a time when ecclesiastical movements are emerging that appear to want to clean up the image of priest and artist Marko Rupnik, 7MARGENS shows how the female religious institution that he helped create was born crooked and, confirming the popular saying, … Read more