Accused Serial Sex Abuser Fr. Rupnik Continues to Live a Charmed Life in Rome

The disgraced former Jesuit priest Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, who is accused of “highly credible” accusations of serial abuse, continues to live a normal life in Rome at the art center he founded, despite being incardinated into his native diocese in Slovenia since June.

A staff member of his Aletti art center confirmed to the Register Dec. 20 that the mosaic artist currently resides at the center, but is away from Rome for Christmas.

An official of the Diocese of Koper where he is now incardinated confirmed to the Register Dec. 22 that the Slovenian priest is not living in the diocese.

Father Rupnik was dismissed from the Jesuits on June 9 for his “stubborn refusal” to obey his superiors’ directions.

Those directions included restrictions on his ministry recommended by investigators looking into what the Society of Jesus determined were “highly credible” accusations of spiritual, psychological and sexual abuse, and abuse of conscience.

Father Rupnik was also excommunicated in 2019 for absolving in the confessional an accomplice of a sin against the sixth commandment, but the excommunication was swiftly removed.

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