The Ravages of Father Rupnik

This is the first article being published in a series of five articles.

At a time when ecclesiastical movements are emerging that appear to want to clean up the image of priest and artist Marko Rupnik, 7MARGENS shows how the female religious institution that he helped create was born crooked and, confirming the popular saying, never straightened out again. Here we reveal, in a series of articles, how, from the sexual and power abuses of a priest, it passed to the authoritarianism and spiritual abuses of the Superior General for more than three decades. And we also reveal the practice of a Bishop-commissioner who seems to believe that only the truth will save the Church.

Father Marko Rupnik, recently expelled from the Society of Jesus, left shocking traces of suffering in many of his victims, as became public in December 2022. The abuse may have been subject to the statute of limitations, but this suffering was not, because the Church, through action and inaction, it provoked and continues to provoke a second form of victimization in them. But Rupnik, whose ecclesiastical status is unknown today, also left marks on the Loyola Institute, which he helped to found, which, albeit indirectly, have survived to this day and await an outcome that is not expected to be very exciting.

Ivanka Hosta, who, since her student days, was “hand in hand” with Rupnik in the process of creating the Loyola Community (ComLoy), from the 1980s until the eve of the canonical erection of that institute, in 1994, exercised the power in such an abusive way that she has just been heavily penalized for it.

7MARGENS is in a position to ensure that a disciplinary decree of June 21 issued a “formal reprimand” to Sister Ivanka Hosta, for her behavior within the Loyola Community “in exercising a style of government that is harmful to the dignity and rights of each one of the nuns who are part of it.”

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