Eucharistic Pilgrimage Told To Avoid Rupnik Art At JPII Shrine

A spokesperson for the National Eucharistic Congress told The Pillar that perpetual pilgrims on the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage have been directed not to pose for photographs June 8 in front of mosaics designed and created by Rupnik, who was expelled from the Jesuit order last year, and who has been accused of sexually abusing some 30 religious sisters.

Some of the allegations against the priest involve claims of sexual abuse which reportedly occurred directly in the context of designing and creating his works of art.

According to the spokesperson, pilgrims have also been instructed not to go together into the John Paul II Shrine’s Luminous Mysteries Chapel, in which prominent murals were designed and created by Rupnik.

They will also reportedly avoid wearing identifiable National Eucharistic Pilgrimage clothing in the chapel, apparently to avoid the controversy surrounding Rupnik’s works of art.

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