Archbishop Paglia Used Charity Funds to Renovate His Apartment

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia diverted hundreds of thousands of euros allocated to support missionary and charitable works while he served as president of the Pontifical Council for the Family. Paglia used much of the money to finance building projects in Rome, including the renovation of his personal apartment, The Pillar has learned. According to multiple independent … Read more

Bishop Stika Facing Apostolic Visitation for Alleged Improprieties

A Vatican-ordered apostolic visitation will be conducted in the Diocese of Knoxville next week, several sources close to the diocese told The Pillar. Sources told The Pillar Friday that Bishops Barry Knestout of Richmond and Michael Burbidge of Arlington have been directed to visit with priests, diocesan officials, and lay Catholics over several days, amid … Read more

French Cardinal Admits Abusing 14-Year-Old Girl

A retired French cardinal admitted Monday to abusing a 14-year-old girl 35 years ago. In a Nov. 7 statement, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard announced that he was withdrawing from his functions and would cooperate with both secular and ecclesiastical justice systems. Ricard was president of the French bishops’ conference from 2001 to 2007 and is a … Read more

American Priests Don’t Trust Their Bishops

Priests and bishops in the United States report overwhelmingly that they are “flourishing” in ministry, despite pressures caused by two decades of clerical abuse scandals and Church responses. But while U.S. priests report high levels of personal well-being, they also have a widespread lack of confidence and trust in their bishops, according to a study … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick and Bishop Belo — On Sexual Abuse, Has Anything Really Changed?

The Vatican acknowledged Thursday that it imposed restrictions in 2020 on the ministry and residency of Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is accused of sexually abusing teenage boys decades ago. But Vatican officials will almost certainly face more questions about those restrictions, and about the bishop’s past, as details of … Read more

The Dismal Synod Results

Is Pope Francis preparing to change Church teaching based upon the input of less than 1% of baptized Catholics? Pope Francis urged Catholics in Rome diocese last September to make sure that as many people as possible took part in the opening stage of the two-year global synodal process. “Wouldn’t it look bad if the … Read more

Luxembourg’s Synod Calls for Church to Recognize Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Participants in the diocesan phase of the synod on synodality in Luxembourg have called for a change in Church teaching on homosexuality and the abolition of mandatory priestly celibacy. Their appeal was cited in a 16-page report following a consultation process involving 4,590 Catholics in the Archdiocese of Luxembourg, which is led by Cardinal Jean-Claude … Read more

Catholics Protest Injustice in Sexual Abuse Case of Bishop Befriended by Bergoglio

Catholics of the Diocese of Oran, Argentina, gathered in the city’s main square Tuesday and Wednesday to protest the decision to allow their disgraced former bishop, Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta, to live in a retired priests’ home while serving his sentence for the sexual abuse of seminarians. The protests focus on the Church’s handling of Zanchetta’s … Read more