Bishop Abruptly Resigns from Tucho’s Former Diocese

Archbishop Gabriel Antonio Mestre stood down as the Metropolitan Archbishop of La Plata May 27, at the age of 55, two decades ahead of the typical retirement age for diocesan bishops. Mestre had previously served as bishop of the similarly named Diocese of Mar del Plata from 2017 to 2023, when he was named Archbishop … Read more

Strasbourg Bishop Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal

Pope Francis accepted the resignation Wednesday of a 51-year-old French auxiliary bishop. But while the local Church has insisted Bishop Gilles Reithinger resigned for “health reasons,” the bishop was also engulfed by a scandal surrounding the Paris Foreign Missions Society. The Holy See press office announced Feb. 14 — Ash Wednesday — that the pope … Read more

Belgium’s Bishops have Repeatedly asked Vatican to Laicize Abusive Bishop

Speaking at a Jan. 26 hearing of the Flemish Parliament’s committee investigating clerical abuse, Bruno Spriet addressed the case of Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned as Bishop of Bruges in 2010 after admitting to sexually abusing a nephew. Spriet, the general secretary of the Belgian bishops’ conference, said: “As we have communicated, his ecclesiastical file … Read more

What’s Happening in Argentina? Second Bishop Resigns Before Installation

Pope Francis accepted the resignation Jan. 17 of 62-year-old Bishop Gustavo Larrazábal, 35 days after he appointed him as Bishop of Mar del Plata, in eastern Argentina, and just three days before Larrazábal’s installation. The pope had nominated Larrazábal on the day that he accepted the resignation of 65-year-old Bishop José María Baliña, 22 days after … Read more

From Draft to Final Text: 10 Ways the Synod Report Changed

The report issued at the end of the synod on synodality’s first session evolved considerably from the day a draft was presented to delegates to its Oct. 28 release. An initial draft of the “synthesis report” prompted more than 1,000 amendments after it was shared with participants Oct. 25. The 42-page final report, published Saturday … Read more

Cardinal Ricard: Criminal Case Cannot Be Prosecuted Due To Statue of Limitations

French prosecutors announced Saturday that Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard will not face criminal charges after he admitted to abusing a 14-year-old girl 35 years ago. Marseille prosecutor Dominique Laurens told AFP that “the case was closed due to the statute of limitations.” Ricard, the president of the French bishops’ conference from 2001 to 2007, publicly acknowledged … Read more

The Dismal Synod Results

Is Pope Francis preparing to change Church teaching based upon the input of less than 1% of baptized Catholics? Pope Francis urged Catholics in Rome diocese last September to make sure that as many people as possible took part in the opening stage of the two-year global synodal process. “Wouldn’t it look bad if the … Read more