Vatican’s Archives Shed Light on the Legion of Christ Scandal

The recently opened archives of Pope Pius XII have shed new light on claims the World War II-era pope didn’t speak out about the Holocaust. But they’re also providing details about another contentious chapter in Vatican history: the scandal over the founder of the Legionaries of Christ. Entire books have already been written about the … Read more

Investigation Reveals Vatican Removed Irish Bishop from Public Ministry Over Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

“Bishop Casey’s Buried Secrets”, a major RTÉ investigation conducted in association with the Mail on Sunday, will air on RTÉ One at 9:35 p.m. EST on Monday night. The documentary will examine the Catholic Church’s handling of abuse allegations against Bishop Casey, revealing that the Vatican order banning him from public ministry was never disclosed … Read more

Ohio Priest Apologizes for Destroying Hard Drive Containing Possible Child Porn

A priest in Ohio has issued an apology to parishioners after a media report revealed that he had destroyed a hard drive reportedly containing inappropriate pictures of children — and potentially child pornography — and then delayed reporting the incident to police. In a July 12 letter to parishioners at St. Susanna Catholic Church in … Read more

Archbishop Aymond: ‘Maybe I Lived A Naive Life’

New Orleans archbishop denies knowledge of widespread child sex abuse in 1970s The Roman Catholic archbishop of New Orleans has said the allegations at the heart of a child-sex trafficking investigation being conducted by state police against his archdiocese are a “sin”, “evil” and a crime – but he has insisted he was oblivious to … Read more

WATCH: Florida Priest Arrested Amid Sexual Assault, Child Porn Charges

  A priest who allegedly committed sexual assaults back in 2012 is now being held in the Collier County Jail. According to the Waco Police Department in Texas, in March, information was reported to them regarding a sexual assault that occurred in 2012. The person who allegedly committed the sexual assault is a Catholic priest … Read more

Did 1983 Code of Canon Law Lead to Priests Breaking-Up Family of Eight?

Fr. Arnaud Rostand, previous US District Superior of the SSPX and a convicted child molester, and his assistant, alleged-pervert Fr. Pierre Duverger, are both named in a just-filed tortious lawsuit by aggrieved father of six, Stephen Sanborn. They are charged with causing harm that directly caused the breakup of the family of eight. While the … Read more

Sex Abuse Survivors Ask Vatican To Investigate Seattle Archdiocese

On Friday, officials at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C., and in Rome received a letter from Seattle area survivors of child sexual abuse and their advocates. They’re asking top officials to investigate leadership at the Archdiocese of Seattle for withholding documents related to sexual abuse allegations against its clergy members. The letter follows a … Read more

Colombian Bishop Resigns Early Amid Abuse Coverup Allegations

Last month it was announced that a Colombian bishop, whose term as the temporary leader of a scandal-plagued Peruvian lay group has come under scrutiny, had resigned several months prior to reaching the mandatory retirement age for Catholic prelates. The announcement came as the bishop, Noel Londoño Buitrago of Jericó, Colombia, faces media pressure over … Read more