WATCH: Alleged Abuser Fr. Marko Rupnik Enjoys Pope Francis’ Special Protection

“Fr. Marko [Rupnik] slowly and gently infiltrated my psychological and spiritual world,” 1 of the 21 alleged victims claimed against Fr. Marko Rupnik. Fr. Rupnik’s art has become infamous, with many making a close connection between Rupnik’s art and his alleged abuse. LifeSiteNews’ Michael Haynes reports that Pope Francis has since been accused of intervening on Fr. Rupnik’s behalf despite a 150-page report compiled by the Jesuits that thoroughly documents the alleged abuse perpetrated by Fr. Rupnik. Pope Francis has even invited Fr. Rupnik for speeches — and intervened within hours of an excommunication involving Fr. Rupnik. Pope Francis continues protecting Fr. Rupnik in ways that scandalize faithful Catholics across the world.