Let’s Call Out Dirty Old Men Again

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when we could freely identify and call out dirty old men. When, without reprisal, we could recognize and denounce sexual deviance and not have to pretend that sexual perversion was normal or good.

In fact, back then, we were still allowed to use the terms “deviant” and “pervert” in normal parlance. To do so wasn’t “mean”; it was honest, wise, and protective—a warning of physical, moral, and spiritual danger ahead. Intuition was still trusted, and common sense was still common.

In the not-too-distant past, we could openly assess and then warn our children and communities about sickos who sexually groomed, exploited, and preyed on children or vulnerable adults, and we could agree as a society that these people were unsafe, violating the natural order through unnatural vice.

Today? All discernment on the issue of sexual perversion has been dulled and even forbidden. One cannot speak against the acts that used to be called deviant and perverse because those very acts are being mainstreamed and normalized by all the powers that be. To speak clearly against any deviant sex is “hate speech” that will get one cancelled or worse. In an unholy inversion, it is now those who publicly oppose sexual deviancy who are considered dangerous. According to the education, entertainment, media, corporate, military, medical, psychological, and political establishments, those who hold to Christian morality and traditional standards of decency are now the threat to others and to the social order.

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