Francis’ Friend Incardinated Into Slovenian Diocese Despite History Of Abuse

The disgraced ex-Jesuit priest Father Marko Rupnik has been incardinated into a diocese in his native Slovenia after he was expelled from the Jesuits during the summer.

After reports circulated earlier Wednesday morning, confirmation from the Diocese of Koper was sent to, stating that Rupnik “has been incardinated in the Slovenian diocese of Koper.”

The Diocese confirmed to LifeSiteNews that Rupnik “was received into the Diocese of Koper at the end of August 2023.”

The local bishop admitted Rupnik following the priest’s own request to join the diocese, the spokesman stated, “and on the basis of the fact that Rupnik had not been sentenced to any judicial sentence.”

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The spokesman cited the Declaration on Human Rights, article 11, stating: “Everyone who is accused of a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until he is found guilty according to law, in a public proceeding in which he is given every opportunity necessary for his defence.”

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