At St. Patrick’s, a Battle of the Icons

I love St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. It was painful to see it the object of a sacrilegious ambush early in Lent. On February 15, a funeral was held at St. Patrick’s for transgender activist Cecilia Gentili. It quickly became a major media event. The event told us something important about all four elements … Read more

Dead Synodality

Sacrilege and synodality have come to the fore these last days. For years the annual Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles has been a regular source of liturgical distress as various innovations test the bounds of reverence, not to say sacrilege. This year as the congress unfolded on the West Coast, the genuine sacrilege took … Read more

Synodality Itself Reaches a New Level of Scrutiny

Has the process been undermined with the publication of ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ and its subsequent clarification? Consider these 12 questions. This year will mark the completion of the Synodal on Synodality for a synodal Church. The first of two planetary phases was held last October in Rome; the second will be held this October. American dioceses … Read more

Two Commentaries by Two Prominent Priests on Fiducia Supplicans

Twenty Questions for Cardinal Fernández (and Pope Francis?) Fr. Raymond J. de Souza Earlier this year, Cardinal Daniel Sturla, Archbishop of Montevideo, and Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, then the Archbishop of La Plata, had Sees across the river from each other. Now they find themselves in opposing currents, as the former is distressed that the … Read more

After Attempted Whitewash, Francis Reopens Rupnik Investigation In Response To Worldwide Outcry

With the world media in Rome to cover the signature synodality initiative of Pope Francis, a stomach-churning Jesuit scandal returned to dominate the news. To the outrage of victims, the shock of the assembled synod delegates, the bewilderment of bishops and the shame of the Holy See, it turned out that the world’s most infamous … Read more

German Bishops Take Perilous Detour From Unity With Rome

Rome asked — begged, actually — the German bishops to take an off-ramp from their Synodal Way, which demands significant changes in Catholic doctrine, sacramental practice and ecclesial governance. The Germans refused. At the speeds traveled on the autobahn, the coming crash is going to be dreadful. What recently unfolded in Rome was devastating for … Read more