Greetings from the Rainbow Reich

It’s Pride Month. Former George W. Bush speechwriter and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson sees no downsides to gay liberation. “The advance of same-sex marriage, it seems, has generally ended in cake and dancing.” He’s ready to celebrate the triumph of the Rainbow Reich. Not me. I’ll pass on the champagne and free condoms. By … Read more

The Sorry Situation of Catholic Schools Made Possible by Complicit Bishops

How many Catholic schools are really just public schools with a Mass requirement attached, plus an elective or two of theology? Many schools feature lots of Catholic talk on the website, but when it comes to the actual books assigned and knowledge tested, Catholicism pretty much disappears. English, history, civics, arts, math, and science courses look … Read more

Dispiriting Signs for the Synod on Synodality

The Synod on Synodality risks becoming a project of fruitless navel-gazing; reform will only happen if the Church remembers that she exists because of Christ and “in order to evangelize.” Ever so slowly, the “Synod on Synodality” is beginning. A preparatory process of “listening and dialogue” in parishes and dioceses throughout the Catholic world has … Read more

Catholic Chaplaincy for the Rainbow Reich

Many grandees of the Catholic Church in Europe are falling in with the Rainbow Reich. Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg is president of the Church’s partner to the E.U. bureaucracy, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union. In a recent interview with Germany’s Catholic News Agency, he asserted that the Church’s current … Read more

The Virtue of Obedience

We live in a turbulent time; a time that’s similar, in some ways, to the various Reformations of 500 years ago. History, of course, doesn’t repeat itself. History is a creation of unique and unrepeatable people. So the gulf between Europe in 1521 and our circumstances today, in 2021, is huge. But patterns of human … Read more

Archbishop Cordileone Responds to Pro-Abort Politicians – Will Any Other Bishops Follow His Lead?

The history of Catholic immigrants to the United States and their descendants is exemplary of the American dream, and intertwined with the Democratic party. I myself am a typical example of this Catholic Democratic legacy. My grandparents were immigrants, arriving here dirt-poor from Sicily. My father grew up in his father’s trade and was a … Read more

When The Dogma Lives Loudly

Thank God for Archbishop Charles Chaput for speaking-out against the persecution we are witnessing against Catholics, but where are the rest of the U.S. bishops? When Sen. Dianne Feinstein grilled federal circuit court nominee—and now Supreme Court nominee—Amy Coney Barrett three years ago, she fretted that “the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of … Read more

Christian Prudence in Times of Pandemic

Catholics are understandably unsettled, even angry over the Church’s response to COVID-19. Although the Church (especially the clergy) is divided on it, we need to approach the question with charity. It does no good to accuse advocates of maintaining the sacramental life of such things as pretentiousness, libertarianism, disregard for science, recklessness, individualism, or narcissism. … Read more

The Case for Drive-In Masses

Most American Catholics no longer have access to public Masses, and may not have access for some time. The bishops’ suspension of public Masses reflects their concern about the spread of contagion. This is a legitimate concern. And yet the faithful need not remain separated from the Mass. Many pastors have chosen to live-stream their … Read more