How John Paul II’s Great Encyclical Is Being Erased From History

At the heart of the controversy over the dismantling of the John Paul II Institute in Rome is the effective sacking of two leading moral theologians, Mgr Livio Melina and Fr José Noriega, who held the chairs of fundamental and special moral theology respectively.

Indeed, it’s worse than just sacking them, which is very hard to do when they are tenured professors. Rather the “re-founded” JPII Institute eliminated the chairs of moral theology altogether. Mgr Melina and Fr Noriega were pushed out by Archbishop Vicenzo Paglia, grand chancellor of the new institute, by eliminating the chairs in moral theology, which were at the heart of the original institute. Indeed, Mgr Melina was president of the original institute for more than 10 years while holding the chair in fundamental moral theology.

Why is there no room for moral theology at the “new” JPII Institute when it was at the heart of the “old”?

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