Vatican Officials: Swiss Bank Suspected of Money Laundering Led to Pell Conflict

The Holy See’s relationship with a disreputable Swiss bank triggered an internal dispute between the Secretariat of State and Vatican financial authorities. At the center of the conflict was a multimillion-dollar line of credit used to fund a controversial investment in London property speculation. Sources inside the Vatican’s Prefecture for the Economy confirmed to CNA … Read more

Former New Jersey Priest Charged With Abuse

A Roman Catholic priest who was stationed throughout various churches in Middlesex County was taken into custody Wednesday in Ocean County. He is charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a minor between 13 and 16 years old, reported The priest is Patrick Kuffner, 72. Three different people have now come forward … Read more

Pope Francis Says Religious Fundamentalism is a ‘Plague’

Interreligious dialogue is an important way to counter fundamentalist groups as well as the unjust accusation that religions sow division, Pope Francis said. Meeting with members of the Argentine Institute for Interreligious Dialogue Nov. 18, the pope said that in “today’s precarious world, dialogue among religions is not a weakness. It finds its reason for … Read more

Case of Notorious Calvert Hall Priest Cited in Recent Report on Clergy Abuse

The case of a notorious Baltimore-area Catholic priest is cited in a recent report as a key example of how church officials shuffled clergy accused of sexual abuse, leaving more children at risk. Church leaders in Bridgeport, Connecticut knew about allegations against Laurence Brett in the 1960s, according to an independent review of how the … Read more

Insurers Face Wave of Costly Child Sex-Abuse Claims

New state laws encouraging child sex-abuse victims to come forward are expected to spur a wave of lawsuits against insurance companies. Twenty-two states and Washington, D.C., have laws going into effect this year that extend or eliminate the statute of limitations for child sex-abuse claims against alleged abusers or the institutions they were affiliated with, … Read more

Abuse Crisis and Leadership Failure Having Impact on Church Giving

The Catholic Church in the United States has spent a staggering amount of money — close to $4 billion in the past 20 years — to investigate, adjudicate and prevent clergy sex abuse, and to compensate victims for the harm they’ve suffered. And as those expenses have prompted dioceses to lay off staff, sell property … Read more

St. Joan of Arc Exhibits

Exhibits SJA Priest Give Pulpit to Homosexual Couple SJA Priest Give Pulpit to Transgender Man SJA Priest Give Pulpit to Lesbian SJA Marching in Minneapolis Gay Pride Parade SJA Prayer Service of Thanksgiving for LGBT Community SJA LGBT Bingo Night SJA Regularly Schedule LGBTQ Meetings Pulpit Given to Radical Muslim Politican Ilhan Omar Pulpit Given … Read more