Tell Cardinal Cupich the Abuse Summit Must Include ALL Forms of Sexual Abuse

For some time now, we have been getting signs that The Vatican is attempting to limit the scope of the Sexual Abuse Summit to the abuse of minors. This is not sufficient. Consider your workplace.  Would it be okay with you if your company limited its sexual harassment policies to only individuals under the age of consent?  What about that boss that has the reputation of seeking sexual favors from his subordinates in order for them to be considered for advancement?  Limiting sexual abuse policies to minors certainly would not fly in the professional workplace.  Nor should it be accepted within the Catholic Church, especially given the fact that numerous cases the abuse of seminarians by their superiors have been reported.

Cardinal Blase Cupich has been named by Pope Francis as the chief organizer for the Abuse Summit from the United States.  Back at the USCCB meeting in November on the abuse crisis, Cupich made a very concerning statement that the abuse of minors had to be treated differently from that of sexual activity between adults.  Cupich seems to miss the point that ALL forms of sexual activity in violation of the clerical state of chastity are objectively wrong.