German Bishop Believes Some People Born in ‘Wrong’ Body

When it comes to sexuality, the Church’s magisterium and Christian anthropology “must” adopt the “latest findings of science”, the German bishops’ representative for the pastoral care of homosexuals, Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers of Essen, told Schepers confuses science with homosexual propaganda. According to his theory, humanity is “not” male and female, but rather an … Read more

Francis Literally Digs His Own Grave

In the Roman Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, “restoration work” is currently being carried out. In reality, according to Guénois, what is called “restoration work” is a tomb being prepared for Francis. “I want to be buried in Santa Maria Maggiore,” he said in an interview on 13 December last year. Guénois observes that Francis’ … Read more

Pride Funeral Mass Held for Two Homosexuals Who Killed Each Other

Two homosexuals, Jesus Baena, 39, and Dorian Nieves, were found stabbed to death in their home in Aguascalientes, Mexico, on Monday morning. The deaths prompted protests amongst LGBTQ+ supporters who believed this to be a hate crime. Police told that “foul play is not suspected at this time.” Local prosecutors think that Nieves stabbed … Read more

Christopher Ferrara: “Francis Is an Open Enemy of Catholicism”

  “Disaster” is the only word for Francis’ pontificate, Christopher Ferrara told at the Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy (video below). Ferrara is a famous New York lawyer who prevailed in court against Governor Cuomo’s Covid closure of churches and synagogue (2020) and recently defended the pro-life hero, Father Fidelis. In 2000 years of … Read more

Bishop Stowe Bans Ad Orientem Worship

Lexington Bishop John Stowe “forbids” all ad orientem worship in his diocese as well as the use of biretta and maniple. His decree which takes effect on Ash Wednesday was published by Rich Raho on (February 3). For Stowe, the proper way of receiving Communion kneeling at the communion rail is an “unauthorised adaptation … Read more

Pope Francis Promotes Communion with the Damned

Francis says those who have ‘denied the faith’ are ‘at home’ in ‘the communion of saints.’  Francis’ comments about the communion of saints being made up of those who have publicly denied the faith contradict the teaching of the Church. St. Augustine warned that: Baptism, which is a blessing for believers, becomes a curse for … Read more

For Blase Cupich, Anything Goes, EXCEPT Traditional Catholicism

Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich “forbids” the Roman Rite but “allows” and presides over liturgical abuses. In January 2020, Cupich presided over a Chinese Lion-awakening ritual before a Eucharist. In 2016, he welcomed the Chinese lion during a Eucharist. In February 2020 he incorporated a Hindu worship (“Arati ritual”) in a Eucharist in Rome. A member of … Read more

What Will Francis Say Now? “Vaccinated” Cardinal Dies from Covid-19

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, 79, the former Archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela, died from Covid-19 on September 23. Urtosa was admitted to intensive care at the end of August. La Cigüeña De La Torre (, September 23) calls him “a remarkable cardinal although Francis didn’t like him.” Francis sent Urosa into early retirement at 76, in … Read more