Bishops Request USCCB Study After Transgender Hermit Announcement

According to sources close to the conference, a group of bishops requested ahead of this week’s USCCB plenary assembly in Louisville, Kentucky that conference president Archbishop Timothy Broglio commission the canon law committee to discuss and give direction on transgender identity in religious life. “Bishops asked [Broglio] to give all of this to canonical affairs … Read more

German Bishop Believes Some People Born in ‘Wrong’ Body

When it comes to sexuality, the Church’s magisterium and Christian anthropology “must” adopt the “latest findings of science”, the German bishops’ representative for the pastoral care of homosexuals, Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers of Essen, told Schepers confuses science with homosexual propaganda. According to his theory, humanity is “not” male and female, but rather an … Read more

Jesuit University Puts Tampons In Men’s Restroom

Loyola Marymount University (LMU), a Catholic school in the Los Angeles area, has apparently installed tampon dispensers in University Hall’s mens’ bathrooms. Campus Reform obtained photos of the dispenser from the California College Republicans (CCR). The decision by the university to incorporate feminine products in the men’s restroom raises safety concerns for women on campus, … Read more