Empathy for the Devil?

Having consigned reason to that impoverished realm of human experience that can be subjected to controlled experiments and the quantification of their results, we are left with no basis upon which to make moral judgments except for feelings. Empathy, I’ve long seen, is often a function of where you happen to be looking. It’s easy … Read more

The Pink Synod

One day, when I was a senior in high school, I went into the lavatory and was followed by a junior whose name I knew, though I didn’t know anything else about him. He was a quiet sort. As I was washing my hands, he approached me and asked me if I would like—something the … Read more

Male and Female He Made Them

We see that, at the Synod, the topic of women’s ordination has come up, as if the rest of the Christian world that has gone along with this innovation—and in the teeth of clear New Testament instruction—has not been pitching itself into deeper and more accelerated decline, and as if the contemporary Church has had … Read more

How It All Smells

Shepherds should smell like the sheep, says Pope Francis. I do not know what Andres Serrano smells like. I can make a good guess as to his art. He is the fellow who set a small crucifix in a bucket of his own urine (“Piss Christ”), and then took photographs of it. The pope recently … Read more

Ideology Makes You Stupid

In a recent editorial, Heidi Schlumpf, editor of the National Catholic Reporter, suggests that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the “future of the Catholic Church.” Her encomium was inspired by the congresswoman’s expression of outrage, after a Republican congressman had referred to her by a commonplace obscenity, muttering as he made his way down a … Read more

Style, Man, Style

When you fornicate,” said Jesus apparently in some gospel or other, “do not fornicate as the pagans do. They seek out weak women whose yes may be no, and who do not know their own minds, and when they get what they want, they persist unto emotional distress. Truly I tell you, they will get … Read more

The Radical Error of Our Time

Egalitarianism is the radical error of our time.  If we do not attack it at the root, we will find we have nothing of cultural or spiritual value left to conserve. The position of the conservative, whether liberal in his politics or otherwise, presumes inequality.  A man ought to love his homeland more than he loves another, … Read more