Recognizing Reality

This Pentecost, a hermit in the diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, admitted that she was really a she and not a he. That is not how she put it, but that is what it was. Christian Matson, who was born Nicole Matson, said that she began to express herself as a male when she was 21. She has been taking synthetic testosterone since then, so that if you look at her face now, you will see someone who appears to be a very odd sort of man: bearded, with smallish features, soft-bodied, overweight.

For many years, she has practiced a deception upon the Church, saying she was what she was not. I will grant that she was practicing a deception upon herself at the same time, so that when by her dress, her hair, and her voice-forcing she said to others, implicitly, “I am a man,” a part of her mind could allay any queasy conscience, saying, “Be quiet—I really am a man, so there.”

Let me get one matter out of the way. I will hear that sex is “nonbinary,” existing along a spectrum. That is nonsense. You’re going to get a puppy dog from a litter.  You check to see if it’s a boy dog or a girl dog. It never occurs to you that there is anything else for a dog to be. The doe gives birth to a fawn. That fawn is going to be another doe, or a buck. It is the same with man.

Barring the exceedingly rare birth defect, what you have is a boy or a girl, and that’s it. There is no case of anyone having fully functional reproductive organs of both sexes. Even in the case of those birth defects, you will almost always have one sex or the other predominating in appearance, though it is likely that both will be nonfunctional. You are almost three times as likely to be born with a partial or wholly missing arm or leg than you are to suffer one of those defects (1 in 2,100 versus 1 in 5,800).

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