German Bishop Believes Some People Born in ‘Wrong’ Body

When it comes to sexuality, the Church’s magisterium and Christian anthropology “must” adopt the “latest findings of science”, the German bishops’ representative for the pastoral care of homosexuals, Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers of Essen, told

Schepers confuses science with homosexual propaganda. According to his theory, humanity is “not” male and female, but rather an “ellipse with two poles” with “the possibility of what lies in between”. He should admit that he could only get away with such a fantasy among some media activists in decadent Western countries, not in the rest of the world.

“With this model I remain in the bipolarity of the sexes and still have the possibility to include these people in the image of humanity”.

Schepers claims that there are people who are born in the “wrong” body. He thus revives the old Gnostic ideology that the body is a prison for the soul: “I have met them. They are stories of suffering”. In the end, these people have “a free choice”, Schepers believes.

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