It’s Time to Clean Up the Mess

How bad must things get before we can all agree that the sky is actually falling and that Chicken Little was right all along? Forget the secular scene, where Biden-induced disasters have become pretty much standard issue. What about that far greater and deeper and richer dimension, the one that Holy Mother Church herself presides … Read more

The Cover-Up Continues

Those who have become familiar with the fate of persons sexually abused by priests know that victims experience the indifference (or worse) of Church authorities to their abuse as a tremendous betrayal—something that does more harm than the abuse itself. They experience the Church more as Judas than the Bride of Christ. Indifference, dismissal, cover-up, … Read more

This Critical Moment

I have been asked by several people now, Protestants and sedevacantists alike, how it is that I can remain so loyal to a Church that is run by corrupt and malicious men, by hirelings and wolves, who devour the flock as they pursue their own good instead of the good of all the Holy Church. … Read more

The Complicit Silence of the Bishops

After two years of lockdowns and coercion, the President is poised to impose a vaccination mandate with the power of law. The Supreme Court will soon render a final decision on whether the State has this power. Regardless of the outcome, many restrictions will remain and new mandates can be imposed. As an attorney who … Read more

Power vs. Authority in the Church

The recent Vatican directive that parishes can’t advertise their scheduled traditional Latin Masses was met with widespread mockery on social media. For anyone who has worked in a parish, the idea of a curial bureaucrat in Rome trying to tell Mrs. Jones at St. Joseph parish in Des Moines what she can put in the … Read more

The Catholic Collapse in Australia: A Warning to All

That Christianity has largely collapsed in Australia is now undeniable, and we have entered a period of introspection around its causes and what might be done to salvage the remains. The contemporary analysis of Christian decline often focuses on a perceived hostility emanating from a cohort of prominent Australians: a Green Left political movement, a … Read more

The Vatican’s Homosexual Flirtation

The Vatican just ran afoul of the LGBTQ mafia. The Synod of Bishops removed a link on its website to New Ways Ministry, a pro-homosexual group whose work was condemned by the Vatican back in 1999 for being “doctrinally unacceptable.” But in an about-face that would make any woke PR director proud, Synod officials quickly … Read more

The USCCB Eucharist Document Is Out, but the Scandal Is Still Here

One month after the election of Joseph Biden I met personally with the Archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron. I knew that he had been appointed to head a working committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)—a committee formed to address how the bishops would deal with a Catholic president who advocates legalized … Read more