Dare We Fear That Most Men Be Damned?

The recently deceased Cardinal George Pell wrote a few years ago about his evolving views on the question of how many will be saved. In the 1970’s, he subscribed to a broadly inclusivist view of salvation; as he put it, “I expressed the hope, perhaps expectation, that few would be consigned to hell.” He was … Read more

Fr. Perricone: Four Simple Proposals For The USCCB’s Eucharistic Revival That Don’t Cost Millions of Dollars

Ominous. It is the only word which can adequately describe the 2020 Pew Research Study. It polled Catholics on their belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Almost 70 percent polled said no. Chilling, but not surprising. Even a casual glance at parishioners receiving Holy Communion in most Catholic parishes reveals … Read more

Synodality for the Rest of Us

There has been a lot of talk in the Catholic world over the past year on the concept of synodality—the idea of coming together and agreeing on a path forward by consensus rather than by diktat. The bishops in Germany have been particularly vocal about this as the pathway forward for the Church. And Pope … Read more

It Was Homosexual Abuse, Stupid!

The Catholic squad of the Sexual Left insists you agree that the priest sex abuse scandal has nothing to do with homosexuality. Nothing whatsoever. To say that the priest sex abuse scandal has anything to do with homosexuality is nothing short of “othering” and even homophobic violence.  They say this over against a mountain of … Read more

Thank You, Fr. Sheehy

Dear Fr. Sheehy, Thanks to the wonder of technology, I have been able to watch the sermon you delivered to the congregation present in Listowel. I feel compelled to write to thank you for your brave, truthful, and honest sermon, in which you directly addressed the insidious nature of sin embedded within society today; a … Read more

Dr. Regis Martin: An Open Letter To Our Bishops

Your Excellencies: It seems almost like yesterday that, among all the bishops scattered about the globe, it was everywhere understood that care of the soul was the principal function of your office; that God had given you no greater nor more essential task than getting souls into Heaven. “What must I do to assist the … Read more

WATCH: The Scandalous Vatican

  Every week it seems a new scandal comes out of the Vatican, from financial mismanagement to controversial appointments to officials promoting heresy. What is a Catholic to do in the face of such corruption at the highest levels of the Church? Read more at Crisis Magazine

America’s Grave Sensus Fidei-less Opinions

In private conversations, off-the-record interviews, and moments of candor, Catholic journalists have known what German Cardinal Gerhard Müller recently revealed in plain sight when discussing the Synod on Synodality on EWTN’s The World Over television program: Our Lady’s prophecy to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa in her apparition at Akita, Japan, a half-century ago is now an … Read more

Stop Cheerleading Vatican II

On October 4th, Basic Books released George Weigel’s latest work, To Sanctify the World: The Vital Legacy of Vatican II. It left much of the Catholic world slightly confused, except for that dwindling minority still starstruck by Vatican II’s promise of a “new Pentecost.” Far be it for any faithful Catholic to call into question … Read more

The Synod of the Red Death

When I was a child, I was a huge fan of the Beatles. I listened to their songs over and over again and bought several cassette tapes (Google it, young people!) of their music. I worshiped their genius like an idolater. One of my favorites was the song “Strawberry Fields Forever,” which was supposed to … Read more