“Columbus Noster Est!”

Christopher Columbus belongs to the Church, and any affront to him is directed at the Church, which has the duty to defend his memory. “Columbus noster est!” “Christopher Columbus is ours!” These words of Leo XIII, in his encyclical Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, issued July 16, 1892, on the IV Centenary of the discovery of America, … Read more

WATCH: Is Coronavirus God’s Scourge for Apostasy?

Italy’s leading Catholic historian is predicting the end of globalization and the death of Pope Francis’ “utopia of globalization, presented as the great road destined to lead to the unification of the human race.” In a lecture shattering the pontiff’s “gospel of globalization,” Prof. Roberto De Mattei says any examination of history has to “begin with God and end … Read more

Will Your Bishop be Complicit in Perversion of the Faith by His Silence?

The first reactions in response to the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod were focused on its opening to married priests and the insertion of women into the sacramental orders of the Church. But the Instrumentum Laboris is something more: it’s a manifesto for liberation eco-theology which proposes a pantheist, egalitarian “cosmo-vision” , unacceptable for … Read more