Explosive Sexual Abuse Allegations Against New Orleans Archbishop

Explosive new allegations have surfaced against the archbishop of New Orleans, Louisiana alleging sex abuse. Richard Windmann, president of Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse, reported Sunday that at least four individuals are accusing Abp. Gregory Aymond of abuse. Two sources have spoken directly with Windmann about alleged abuse at the hands of the archbishop: “One who … Read more

The Silence of the Shepherds

How many of today’s U.S. Bishops would have had the courage to condemn the evils of Adoph Hitler if they lived in Germany during his rise to power? In pre-World War II Germany, most Protestant and Catholic Church leaders remained silent and failed to speak out against the truly non-Christian policies implemented by Adolf Hitler … Read more

Demand the Resignation of Bishop Joseph Bambera

Your browser does not support the video tag.   Only months after the Scranton diocese suffered an underage sexting scandal with one of its staffers, another Scranton insider — this time a star priest — was busted targeting boys through Tinder. In this investigation, Christine Niles reveals yet another strand in the homosexual fabric under … Read more

Archbishop Lori Complicit With Gay Network

Before becoming the archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori as then-bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut was harboring in his diocese gay priests who would meet up with seminarians at local gay bars in the Bridgeport and New Haven areas. Following an explosive 2012 investigation that revealed a clandestine pipeline was being used to pack U.S. seminaries with homosexuals, the diocese of Bridgeport has … Read more

Homo Sex Trafficking in Catholic Seminaries

People often associate the term “sex trafficking” with women or minors being transported across international borders to be used as sex slaves for high-paying clients. What many do not realize is that Catholic seminarians are also being trafficked for sexual purposes by priests or bishops. Foreign-born young men have come to the United States to study for the … Read more

Francis Rehabs Deposed ‘Homo Mafia’ Prelate

Pope Francis is rehabilitating a highly controversial, divisive and heterodox Slovakian archbishop who was sacked by Pope Benedict XVI after an apostolic visitation in 2012. Faithful clerics in Slovakia fear that the rehabilitation could include the offer of a cardinalate to the disgraced Róbert Bezák, former archbishop of Trnava, who is reported to have been at … Read more

WATCH: Pope Francis and the Globalist Education Agenda

Your browser does not support the video tag.   The faithful have long been concerned Pope Francis is pushing a globalist agenda. They point to encyclicals, offhand comments, his associates, and what he doesn’t do or say. Well, Pope Francis’ most recent visit with religious leaders in Rome further fuels those concerns. As Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford … Read more

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