“Fiducia Supplicans” and the Upcoming Conclave

The promulgation of the Declaration of the Doctrine for the Faith Fiducia supplicans on Dec. 18, 2023 and the reactions that followed it offer us a possible key to the next conclave. The author of the Declaration is Pope Francis’ close collaborator and ghost writer, Victor Manuel Fernández, who was appointed prefect of the new … Read more

In Francis’ Homage to a Marxist Freemason, Signs of the Political Synod About to Take Place

The great Juan Donoso Cortés (1809-1853) said that behind every political problem there is a theological and metaphysical problem. Sometimes, however, behind a theological problem there is a political problem that explains it. This is what must be kept in mind in order to predict what will happen in the next Synod: a religious assembly, … Read more

Roberto de Mattei on Francis’ Disastrous Appointment of Víctor Manuel Fernández to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The appointment of Víctor Manuel Fernández, archbishop of La Plata, as head of the congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is one of the most disturbing acts of the pontificate of Pope Francis, not only for the choice of the questionable figure, but also for the unusual letter that accompanied his appointment. To Archbishop … Read more

The Catholic Obligation to Resist

Editor’s Note: This talk, a powerful call to arms for the ages, was delivered at the launch of a new book-length interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider in Rome. The book that covers everything from Vatican II, to Archbishop Lefebvre’s role in the resistance and even the role of Freemasonry. In the middle of the Amazon Synod, … Read more

Archbishop Viganò – Punished for Telling the Truth?

Will Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who brought to light the existence of corruption in the Vatican, singling out those guilty, beginning with the highest ecclesiastical authorities, be punished for telling the truth? Pope Francis is examining this possibility – if it is true, as several sources confirm –  that he has consulted Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmiero, and some … Read more