Archbishop Agüer: Why Does Francis Hate Good Priests?

Several priests who follow the teachings of Pope Francis with attention have expressed to me their dismay and sorrow because they have recorded how often His Holiness denigrates priests. He has called them “bitter (cod-faced), spinsters, sacramental clerks, ambitious, gossipers, climbers…,” and other denigrating epithets. A lack of justice and charity. There are thousands of … Read more

The Catholic Cash Cow

Nowhere is the modern upside down world more observable than with our Bishops and their misappropriation of the lay pecuniary donations in their coffers. The following chart only lists 12 Dioceses, since many of the United States Dioceses are not forthcoming about their finances even though they publicly repeat the fallacy that they are “transparent” … Read more

Laudate Deum and the Eclipse of the Church

What to make of a document like Pope Francis’s latest apostolic exhortation, Laudate Deum? Like other Francis encyclicals, it is hardly recognizable as a Catholic document. The central portion of the letter addresses the “progress and failures” of various “climate conferences” held in the last decades. It features an entire section vaguely prognosticating on a … Read more

In Francis’ Homage to a Marxist Freemason, Signs of the Political Synod About to Take Place

The great Juan Donoso Cortés (1809-1853) said that behind every political problem there is a theological and metaphysical problem. Sometimes, however, behind a theological problem there is a political problem that explains it. This is what must be kept in mind in order to predict what will happen in the next Synod: a religious assembly, … Read more

Bishop Victor Fernandez: From Church to Movement

On September 11, another of Argentina’s most beloved sons, Archbishop Victor Fernández, took office as Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Two Argentines are at the top of the government of the Catholic Church. A source of pride for all those born in this particularly blessed land. And the new prefect, now … Read more

Francis Makes His Most Audacious Move Yet: Rehabilitating His Friend, Sex Abuser Marko Rupnik

When he was elevated to Pope a decade ago, there was a widespread hope that Pope Francis would take effective steps to remedy the sexual abuse crisis in the Church. It is now clear that Francis has utterly failed in this regard. His Pontifical Academy for the Protection of Minors has fallen apart and lost … Read more

Synod Forced to Acknowledge What Young People Really Want: An End to TLM Restrictions

Pope Francis likes to talk of the “God of Surprises.” In this connection, Pope Francis praised St. Peter, “who had the freedom not to hinder God’s grace, and not to “silence the din that the Spirit makes when he comes to the Church.” For Francis and his allies, one of the greatest surprises of the ‘consultation … Read more

Pope Francis and the “Clericalized Laity”: a Confused Critique

Pope Francis has issued an attack on American Catholics, denouncing them as “backwards” and  “reactionary” in an interview released Monday. Francis has made similar comments against his perceived “conservative” critics on other occasions. This particular denunciation received much more press coverage not because it was nastier (Francis last summer accused traditionalists of having a “dead faith”), … Read more