Archbishop Agüer: Synodal Cancellations

The progressive official party installed in Rome for just over a decade goes on in its policy of “cancellation” of those who, with freedom of spirit, seek to serve Jesus Christ in orthodoxy and Tradition. By “cancellation” one means all forms of ignoring, conspiracy of silence, marginalization, prohibition of publishing in media and social media, … Read more

The Crimes and Heresies of Pope Francis, Their Causes and Effects, and the Action to Be Taken

Call for the Resignation of Pope Francis May 2, 2024 St. Athanasius of Alexandria (downloadable PDF here) Since 2013, the words and actions of Pope Francis have caused an unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church, and have done great harm to the Church and the whole world. The members of the hierarchy of the Church … Read more

“Dignitas Infinita” as a Naturalistic Vision of Mankind

Following the presentation in Rome of the Declaration on Human Dignity, Dignitas infinita, the most frequent reactions, including in so-called conservative circles, are focused on its reminder of the prohibition of abortion, surrogate motherhood, euthanasia, assisted suicide, gender theory and sex reassignment, not to mention its plea for respect for the disabled. None of this … Read more

A Pontificate Filled With Bad Omens

On Easter Day, during Mass at the Vatican, a gust of wind more powerful than the others caused the ancient icon of the Christ the Redeemer on the courtyard facing St. Peter’s Basilica to fall ruinously to the ground. Two attendants immediately intervened to put back up the heavy support that had collapsed just a … Read more

The Paulists on Life Support

Ten years ago Rorate shared the news that the Paulist Fathers were selling their seminary. As we noted, according to the order’s website, “The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle, known as the Paulist Fathers, is the first community of Catholic priests founded in the United States.” Fast forward a decade and “is” will … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans and the Meaning of Faith – Problems in Declaration

The “Fiducia supplicans” declaration of December 18, 2023 has caused quite a stir. In this article, we give the main reasons why. As sons of the Church founded on the apostles, we cannot but be alarmed at the turmoil among the Christian people caused by a text coming from the Holy Father’s entourage[1]. It is … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans: Anonymous and Anomalous Blessings

With the declaration Fiducia supplicans (FS) of 18 December 2023, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, with some haste compared to the fresh synodal outcomes, asked Pope Francis ex audientia to approve new blessings, created ad hoc “for couples in irregular situations” and “couples of the same sex” The emphasis is on the … Read more

Fiducia Supplicans & Bank Robbery: Cognitive Dissonance in the Life of the Church

Imagine you witness a man walk into a bank, point a gun at the teller, and say “I have no intention of legitimizing bank-robbing, but would you please give me $10,000 in the next five minutes?” Horrified, you run to the nearest police station and relate what you saw, but to your shock the policeman … Read more

“Fiducia Supplicans” and the Upcoming Conclave

The promulgation of the Declaration of the Doctrine for the Faith Fiducia supplicans on Dec. 18, 2023 and the reactions that followed it offer us a possible key to the next conclave. The author of the Declaration is Pope Francis’ close collaborator and ghost writer, Victor Manuel Fernández, who was appointed prefect of the new … Read more

Nigerian Bishops Adamantly Reject Fiducia Supplicans

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa. This powerhouse of the continent has a bright demographic future, and its population counts at least 30 million Catholics, most of whom attend weekly Mass. The Nigerian Bishops Conference issued a clear statement today on Francis’ Gay Declaration “Fiducia Supplicans”. Its conclusion couldn’t have been any clearer: “In … Read more