Priest: Traditionis Custodes will Disappear after Pope Francis, but the Latin Mass will Remain Forever

This coming Holy Thursday, we commemorate the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood. However, since the motu proprio Traditiones custodes (2021), a “civil war” has flared up in the Church over the celebration of Holy Mass. Since then, the supporters of the “old” Mass have had their backs to the wall. The pope treats … Read more

Austrian Priest: Abolishing Priestly Celibacy Would Devastate The Church

An increasing number of voices in the pope’s circle are saying it: celibacy is to become a victim of the “Franciscan” Church reform. Yet celibacy, in particular, is an interesting indicator, because wherever it is called into question, the Catholic faith has evaporated. Those who distance themselves from Christ always distance themselves first from the … Read more