Fr. Joachim Heimerl: Dignitas Infinita a ‘Faithless’ Document with Little to Say About Salvation

Cardinal Robert Sarah recently caused a stir when he spoke of the “atheism” that is spreading in the Church. He was by no means referring to the neo-pagan periphery in “synodal” Germany but to the center of the Church: Rome.

Bishop Joseph Strickland, the prophetic voice from Texas, also held this position. In a letter to the faithful, he wrote that there were far too many forces in the Vatican that wanted to destroy the supernatural faith; he explicitly referred to a large number of high-ranking prelates.

None of this is new to insiders, and the majority of the faithful become increasingly aware of it the more often Rome attracts attention with questionable decisions and controversial documents.

Anyone who thinks that I am once again referring to “Fiducia supplicans” and the so-called “blessing” of so-called “irregular couples” is mistaken. The fact that Rome has left the ground of Christian faith and divine revelation here is so clear that there is no need to point it out again.

It becomes more interesting when you look at the latest document on human dignity, which is entitled “Dignitas infinita:” “unlimited dignity.”

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