Austrian Priest: Abolishing Priestly Celibacy Would Devastate The Church

An increasing number of voices in the pope’s circle are saying it: celibacy is to become a victim of the “Franciscan” Church reform.

Yet celibacy, in particular, is an interesting indicator, because wherever it is called into question, the Catholic faith has evaporated. Those who distance themselves from Christ always distance themselves first from the way of life that HE lived. This applies to every pope, every bishop, and every priest. Seen in this light, the betrayal of celibacy is nothing less than a new betrayal by Judas, and not even the Vatican seems to shy away from finally committing this betrayal.

The pope’s heralds are already preparing it: One high-ranking prelate after another speaks out against celibacy and hopes to receive 30 pieces of silver from Francis in return.

Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler (1910-2007), librarian and archivist of the Holy Roman Church, described such tendencies as early as 1993. In his book The Case for Clerical Celibacy, he emphasizes that celibacy was never just an ecclesiastical law that could simply be abolished. On the contrary: the abstinence of the clergy dates back to the Apostles and was expected of all clergy in the early Church. If they were married, they were no longer allowed to have sexual relations with their wives after ordination. The cardinal traces this practice back to 1 Corinthians 9 and refers to the corresponding resolutions of the Councils of Tours (461), Gerona (517), and Auvergne (535). He makes it clear that celibacy is more than a rigorous practice; it is about Christ and the priesthood of the New Covenant.

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