Priest: Traditionis Custodes will Disappear after Pope Francis, but the Latin Mass will Remain Forever

This coming Holy Thursday, we commemorate the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood. However, since the motu proprio Traditiones custodes (2021), a “civil war” has flared up in the Church over the celebration of Holy Mass. Since then, the supporters of the “old” Mass have had their backs to the wall. The pope treats them like lepers and does not even shy away from publicly insulting them. We have become accustomed to this behavior by now; nevertheless, it is scandalous and – pardon me – unworthy of a pope.

Incidentally, this also includes the fact that Francis has rigorously banned the celebration of Holy Thursday and the Holy Triduum according to the old liturgy. This is no way to treat people of faith. We should expect more love and much more understanding from the pope in particular. Instead, Catholics who are devoted to the old Mass are being forced to do something they don’t want to do: Indeed, abuse of Church power takes many forms, and it is painful when this comes to light on the holiest days of the year. But as always, most people in the Church duck away, remain silent, and hope for their own benefit. Abuse of power is only denounced where it fits in with the political program. The followers of the old Mass, on the other hand, should preferably disappear from the Church. One bishop after another makes them feel his displeasure, banishes them from his diocese, and secretly hopes for the cardinal’s hat in return – it is a disgrace and much more than that.

When I think about the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, I think about my relationship to the Holy Mass and about my priesthood. I think about the fact that I grew up with the “new” Mass of Paul VI and never came into contact with the traditional Mass – at least not until Traditiones custodes.

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