Bergoglio Out Of Control, Censorship Is Activated

Communication incidents are many. Words misunderstood and misinterpreted, others uttered without imagining the consequences (often diplomatic), or speeches modified on the fly that have gone on to cause havoc. If we analyze these eleven years of pontificate, authentic blizzards arise that have forced Pope Francis to run for cover with his entourage determined to patch … Read more

Fr. Joachim Heimerl: How the Church is Being Destroyed by Ecclesiastical Atheism and Hatred of the Faith

“Dell’ odio i tristi frutti” – Those who love opera know these words. They come from the prologue to Leoncavallo’s “I Pagliacci,” in which burning jealousy leads first to burning hatred and then to double murder. But the “sad fruits of hatred” can be found not only in opera, but throughout the world, and the … Read more

“Sedemenefreghismo”: Nine Theologians Weigh-In on State of Affairs Under Francis

“Sedemenefreghismo” is an invented Italian word based on the word “sedevacantism” which means “holding that the (Holy) See (sede) is vacant” and “me ne frega,” meaning, “I don’t care” (link), so that this invented word could be translated as “I don’t care at all whether the (Holy) See (is vacant or not)” THESIS “SEDEMENEFREGHISTA” Aware … Read more

The Shepherds Have Betrayed Me

Science and society, no longer Scriptura and Traditio, are the basis of the “new religion” that Bergoglio wants to impose on Catholicity. We know the biography of the prophet Jeremiah directly because he himself presents it to us at the beginning of his prophetic text: “Words of Jeremiah son of Chelkia, one of the priests … Read more

Pachamama as a Monstrance

Just when you thought it could not get worse, Marco Tosatti files this report at Stilum Curiae: Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, it is really true that truth is stranger than fiction. If I had read in a dystopian novel about the Neo-Church that instead of a monstrance they would use a pagan … Read more