Fr. Joachim Heimerl: How the Church is Being Destroyed by Ecclesiastical Atheism and Hatred of the Faith

“Dell’ odio i tristi frutti” – Those who love opera know these words. They come from the prologue to Leoncavallo’s “I Pagliacci,” in which burning jealousy leads first to burning hatred and then to double murder.

But the “sad fruits of hatred” can be found not only in opera, but throughout the world, and the quote from “Pagliacci” could also accurately describe the current situation in the Church.

Whoever hears it automatically thinks of the Lord’s greatest words: “By their fruits you will know them” (Mt 7:16), and in practice the fruits of a demonic self-hatred are seen throughout the Church; They are the fruits of hatred of everything Catholic and perhaps even hatred of God.

It is true: we live in sad times, since supernatural belief has disappeared even in the highest ecclesiastical circles and has given rise to a new atheism that seeks hopeless connection with the world and its ideas.

The consequences of this are terrible, because they mean the end of the Church and the papacy: where supernatural faith is lacking, the Pope becomes a mere dictator who only sets a political direction; God himself is just an empty formula.

The beginnings of this development go back a long time: they begin with what Pope John XXIII said in 1962. He called it “ Aggiornamento ”: the adaptation of the church to modern times.

This went horribly wrong and had to turn out that way, since the Church is not a product that can be intelligently introduced into the market and adapted to current times. Jesus Christ did not do that either, on the contrary, and Saint Paul warns the Romans: “Do not be conformed to this world” (Rom 12:2).

Whoever does not believe in this principle no longer believes in anything, just like a large number of high and supreme prelates: their faith has evaporated before the eyes of everyone and now only consists of an empty belief in climate protection and a senseless ecclesiastical reform. But believers feel that these people only give them stones instead of bread (Lk 11, 11). Their exodus from the Church can no longer be stopped.

60 years after John XXIII the bad seed has sprouted and threatens to drown the wheat: the “aggiornamento” has now become only a synodal madness that wants to definitively destroy the Church.

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