Columbus Diocese Closing 15 Churches

Ohio’s Catholic Diocese of Columbus will close 15 churches as part of a parish reorganization and merger plan, but Bishop Earl Fernandes emphasized new possibilities for growth, especially if lay Catholics take on more responsibility for the Church’s future. “When I arrived, I said I’m not interested in presiding over 25 years of decline in … Read more

Synod Artwork Misrepresented Our Views, Catholic Students Say

Artwork based on a listening session for Philadelphia-area Catholic university students drew global comment and criticism after it was shared on Vatican social media. Organizers are now taking seriously some students’ objections that the art mislabels their images and misrepresents their professed Catholic faith. “We thought it was misrepresenting what we were standing for,” Sean … Read more

El Paso Bishop Requires The Jab for Catholic Church Employees, Ministry Volunteers

No provision for conscience or religious exemptions. Citing the need for the Catholic Church to “lead by example” and to act responsibly to protect others during the coronavirus pandemic, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, has said that all Church employees and ministry volunteers must be vaccinated. “Those who serve the Catholic community have, … Read more

Colorado Bishops Back Conscientious Exemption for Coronavirus Vaccines

The Catholic bishops in Colorado have emphasized the need to respect those with conscientious objections to the COVID-19 vaccines and have provided a template letter for any Catholics with objections to mandatory vaccination. They also welcomed the city of Denver’s vaccination mandate for including a religious exemption. The Catholic conference noted its previous affirmation that … Read more

Heretic Bishop John Stowe Participates Catholic Dissenters’ Pride Month Event

Catholic dissenters and LGBT activists on Tuesday hosted an online Pride Month “blessing” in reaction to a Vatican statement reiterating that same-sex unions cannot be blessed. Speakers made comments that rejected Catholic teaching, talking about “God’s triumph of queer love” or declaring that pride is not sin but “salvation” and “a promise of liberation for … Read more

Bishops Feel Like “Generals Without Armies” – Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

After years of sexual abuse, financial scandal, appeasing politicians, accepting government handouts and neglecting to form the faithful in the truths of the faith, US Bishops are now expressing frustration over cultural and political weaknesses of the Catholic Church. A series of one-on-one interviews with more than two dozen bishops has revealed significant concern among … Read more

New Lawsuit Claims McCarrick Ran ‘Sex Ring’ For Clerics At NJ Beach Home

McCarrick allegedly trafficked young boys from Christian Brothers High School to Beach House Sex Pad. A lawsuit filed Tuesday charges that former cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually abused a boy and aided his abuse by several other priests, and claims that a principal at a Christian Brothers high school helped procure the victim for McCarrick and … Read more

Clergy Sex Abuse on the Rise and Church Leaders are Ignoring Why

After years in decline, Catholic clergy sex abuse could be on the rise again, warns a professor-priest’s analysis of relevant data. The professor’s report sees a rising trend in abuse, and argues that the evidence strongly suggests links between sexual abuse of minors and two factors: a disproportionate number of homosexual clergy, and the manifestation … Read more