WATCH: Five New Abuse Complaints Against Marco Rupnik Presented to Vatican

  Five new complaints of alleged abuse committed by Father Marko Rupnik have been presented to the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome, where an investigation into the case is being carried out after Pope Francis decided to lift the statute of limitations. The new cases mark the latest development in the … Read more

HUGE: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Catholic Charities Cannot Claim Religious Tax Exemption

Perhaps this ruling will make Catholic organizations rethink providing services like trafficking illegal aliens. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a major Catholic charity group’s activities were not “primarily” religious under state law, stripping the group of a key tax break and ordering it to pay into the state unemployment system. Catholic Charities … Read more

Pope Claims You’re A Hypocrite If You Oppose His ‘Blessing’ For Homosexual Couples

Pope Francis this week again defended the Vatican’s controversial document authorizing blessings for same-sex couples, with the Holy Father arguing that humans “must all respect each other” and stating that blessings should be extended to “everyone.” The pope’s comments come from an exclusive Italian-language interview he gave to the Italian weekly print periodical Credere, which … Read more

Former Gay Activist: Fiducia Supplicans Harms Those ‘Struggling for Chastity’

Luca Di Tolve, Mister Gay Italy 1990 and a former homosexual activist, posted a reflection on his website regarding the declaration Fiducia Supplicans from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), lamenting that the Vatican document has caused pain, confusion, and affliction in those who “are struggling for chastity.” On Dec. 18, 2023, … Read more

French Bishops Back Gay Blesssings, Saying It’s ‘An Encouragement’

The Permanent Council of the French Bishops’ Conference has expressed its support for the Fiducia Supplicans declaration of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on pastoral blessings. The council noted in a Jan. 10 statement that “it had a certain impact on public opinion, in particular because of the sensitive topics that it … Read more

Pope Francis to Roman Curia: ‘Rigid Ideological Positions’ Prevent Us From Moving Forward

Pope Francis warned the Roman Curia on Thursday that “rigid ideological positions” can be an obstacle to “moving forward.” In his annual Christmas address to the cardinals who work in Vatican offices on Dec. 21, the pope underlined that it is important to “keep faring forward, to keep searching and growing in our understanding of … Read more

U.S. Bishops Concerned Congress Will Cut-Off Their Illegal Invasion Cash Cow

The U.S. bishops cautioned against proposals being considered by Congress and the White House to fund aid to Ukraine on the condition that migration is further restricted, saying they are “deeply concerned” about the “real-life impact” of a crackdown at the border. In a letter to Congress on Friday, the bishops said the policies currently … Read more

Too Little, Too Late? Vatican Tries to Draw Line on Women’s Ordination and Homosexuality in Letter to German Bishops

The Vatican has informed German bishops in writing that the ordination of women and changes in the Church’s teaching on homosexuality cannot be subjects of discussion in the upcoming meetings with delegates of the German Synodal Way in Rome. The letter, dated Oct. 23, also reminded the bishops of potential disciplinary consequences for anyone defying … Read more

Pope Francis Expresses ‘Concerns’ about German Synodal Way

Pope Francis has expressed deep reservations about the direction of the Catholic Church in Germany, warning that concrete steps currently being taken “threaten” to undermine unity with the universal Church. The pope made his criticisms in a letter to four German Catholic laywomen that was published in the German newspaper Welt on Nov. 21. “There … Read more