WATCH: Fr. Michael Rodríguez on Traditionis Custodes

Catholic Family News has invited back by popular demand Fr. Michael Rodríguez, a priest of the Diocese of El Paso, Texas, who delivered an outstanding testimony at the 2019 CFN Conference, “The New Mass: Fifty Years of Problems”. In this new interview, Fr. Rodríguez shares his experience of persecution for adherence to the Traditional Latin … Read more

WATCH: Archbishop Viganò Responds to the Theft of the Mass of All Ages by Pope Francis

  Traditionis custodes: this is the incipit [“beginning” or “first words”] of the document with which Francis imperiously cancels the previous Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI. The almost mocking tone of the bombastic quotation from Lumen Gentium will not have escaped notice: just when Bergoglio recognizes the Bishops as guardians of the Tradition, … Read more

The Papacy in Jesuitical Captivity: Archbishop Viganò and the “60-Year-Old Plan”

Jorge Bergoglio is the first Jesuit to become pope in the history of the Church, a grimly ironic distinction given the moral and theological collapse of the order at the moment of his election. At its lowest point, the Jesuit order produced its first pope, which foreshadowed his disastrous pontificate. In light of his catastrophic papacy, the … Read more

Cooperating with Civil Power in Responding to Clerical Abuse Crisis

With each passing week bringing new grand jury or attorney general investigations into the pervasive clerical abuse crisis, some Catholics have wondered about the proper relationship between the Church and civil authorities on this matter. Some rightly point out that St. Thomas Becket was murdered in the 12th century for holding fast to the principle … Read more

Sexual Abuse and the Third Secret of Fatima

Vital Relevance of Fatima You may well be wondering: How do these cases of clergy sexual abuse/pastoral negligence have anything to do with Fatima? Well, do you recall what Benedict XVI stated back in 2010? “One would be deceiving himself to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete.” He uttered those words on May 13; two days … Read more