Archbishop Viganò: A Tyranny More Scandalous Because Pastors are Silent Out of Cowardice or Complicity

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò responded to the ouster of Bishop Strickland with the following tweet on Twitter: The removal of His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Strickland, especially after the failure to ambush him with the Apostolic Visitation, appears as a cowardly form of authoritarianism, which in no way fits with Bergoglio’s rants about “welcoming” and “inclusiveness.” … Read more

Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio’s Intention is to Harm Souls, Discredit the Church, and Offend God

Just when the latest statement by Jorge Mario Bergoglio had not yet finished causing scandal among the faithful and causing division among the Shepherds, behold, a new one is added, no less damaging, that tears yet another wound in the tortured body of the Church. The dicastery recently published, with the date of 31 October … Read more

Archbishop Viganò: Priests and Bishops Who Promoted ‘Lethal’ COVID Jabs Must Answer To God

Three years ago I was among the first – and certainly the first Bishop – to denounce pandemic and vaccination fraud. Expressed with arguments that today emerge as true and well-founded are the critical issues and immorality of an experimental gene treatment, which aborted fetuses were and are used to produce. I also wrote two … Read more

Archbishop Viganò: Rupnik Report Shows ‘Heretics’ and ‘Perverts’ Enjoy ‘Total Impunity’ under Bergoglio

The declarations of the Vicariate of Rome on the Aletti Centre (the company that produces Father Marko Rupnik’s expensive and horrendous mosaics) and its founder leave one baffled and scandalized. The Vatican sends commissaries and apostolic visitors to anyone who gives even a timid sign of fidelity to Catholic tradition, without giving justifications, without stating … Read more

Viganò Blasts Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications for Misrepresenting Jesus as “a Sick Person, a Prisoner of Rigidity”

Spadaro’s words are like a puddle of sewage containing the scum of the worst Modernism that has been plaguing the Church for more than a century. It is the Modernism that was never definitively eradicated from seminaries and self-styled Catholic universities, to which a sect of heretics and those who are misguided has erected the … Read more

Archbishop Viganò Admonishes Cardinal Wilton Gregory for his Silence on DC ‘Pride Mass’

Today at Holy Trinity Parish, run by the Jesuits of Georgetown University in the Archdiocese of Washington, a Mass will be celebrated for “Catholic” activists of the LGBT movement. For years – ever since he was Archbishop of Atlanta – Wilton Daniel Gregory has been abusing his power to promote the homosexual agenda, much to … Read more

Viganò Defends Fr. Frank Pavone

DECLARATION of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò regarding the canonical sanctions imposed on Father Frank A. Pavone AGERE SEQUITUR ESSE. So we are taught by scholastic philosophy: the action of every being depends on the nature of that being. It follows that a person’s actions are consistent with who that person is. We find confirmation of … Read more