The Papacy in Jesuitical Captivity: Archbishop Viganò and the “60-Year-Old Plan”

Jorge Bergoglio is the first Jesuit to become pope in the history of the Church, a grimly ironic distinction given the moral and theological collapse of the order at the moment of his election. At its lowest point, the Jesuit order produced its first pope, which foreshadowed his disastrous pontificate. In light of his catastrophic papacy, the first Jesuit pope may also end up the last one.

One of the themes of my book, The Political Pope, is that the papal program of Jorge Bergoglio comes straight out of the modernist playbook of the modern Jesuit order. We are witnessing the liberal Jesuit captivity of the papacy.

Hence, I wasn’t surprised by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s recent remark that the Bergoglio pontificate represents the culmination of a decades-long plot of the modern Jesuits to liberalize the Church. Viganò is right: Francis seeks not to reform the Church but to destroy it in conformity with the modernist ambitions of his liberal Jesuit confreres.

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