EPIC FAIL: Bishops Policing Bishops

Catholic faithful across the country have demanded accountability from their bishops for the past year as sexual abuse scandals unfolded at the highest levels of the church. On Thursday, the bishops at last gave their response, in the form of a slate of new policies for policing themselves. Some Catholics, including advocates for more accountability, … Read more

Victims File Class Action Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Catholics are suing all eight dioceses in the state, claiming that Catholic leaders there systematically covered up ongoing sexual abuse by priests. A massive grand jury report released last month in the state has prompted a nationwide reckoning with the staggering scale of sexual abuse in the history of the Catholic Church and has … Read more

Cardinal Donald Wuerl Says He Will Go to Rome to Discuss his Potential Resignation

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who has faced increasing calls for his resignation over his handling of sexual abuse cases, wrote on Tuesday that he will soon discuss with Pope Francis the possibility of stepping down as leader of the Archdiocese of Washington. Wuerl did not say in his letter to priests whether he will ask Francis … Read more

Catholic Clergyman Calls on Wuerl to Resign, Says He’ll Refuse to Participate in Mass with Him

A highly visible member of Washington’s Catholic clergy has made a dramatic declaration calling on Cardinal Donald Wuerl to resign, the latest blow to Washington’s embattled archbishop. Sign the petition asking Pope Francis to accept Cardinal Wuerl’s resignation Deacon James Garcia, in his role as a master of ceremonies at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in the District, … Read more

New York Attorney General’s Office has Issued Subpoenas to every Catholic Diocese in the State

The New York attorney general’s office has issued subpoenas to every Catholic diocese in the state, becoming the latest U.S. state to embark on a major investigation of sex crimes committed and covered up by Catholic priests. And New Jersey quickly followed on Thursday, announcing a criminal task force focused on investigating sexual abuse by Catholic … Read more