Storied Baltimore Catholic Family Sues Archdiocese, Says Sexual Abuse Led to Death

For more than 60 years, the name Francis X. Gallagher has been linked prominently in Baltimore with the Catholic Church. The late Gallagher Sr. in 1961 founded an influential law firm that represented the Baltimore Archdiocese and does so to this day; his name adorns Catholic institutions in the city, his face smiles from black-and-white … Read more

Donations to D.C. Archdiocese’s Down Nearly a Third After Year of Controversy

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington’s key annual fundraising appeal took in nearly a third less money in 2019, after sexual misconduct and mismanagement scandals involving some of the region’s most prominent Catholic leaders. The archdiocese, which includes the District and its Maryland suburbs, received $10,350,027 for the 2019 Annual Appeal, compared with the 2018 total … Read more

The Bransfield Report: WP Publishes Secret Vatican Document

For months, civil authorities and Catholic parishioners have sought access to a secret church report about Michael J. Bransfield, the West Virginia bishop ousted for alleged sexual and financial misconduct. Law enforcement authorities in two jurisdictions contend that it could aid investigations they have launched, and parishioners have said it could help them understand how … Read more

W.Va. Scandal Muddies Legacy of Vatican’s Longtime Fixer from Baltimore

Late last summer, Vatican officials realized they had an uncontainable mess — four whistleblowing priests alleging financial and sexual misconduct by the bishop of West Virginia. So they did what Catholic officials have done for decades: They turned to William Lori. From Rome and Washington to Connecticut and then Baltimore, where he is now archbishop, … Read more

Facing Financial Boycott, Diocese of West Virginia Agrees to Hire New Auditor and Make Findings Public

A few days before protesting West Virginia Catholics were to begin withholding financial giving over alleged misconduct, diocesan leaders agreed to some of their demands, including hiring a new auditor and making that person’s findings public, an organizing laypersons’ group said Wednesday. That would give West Virginia Catholics the first look at the unusually hefty … Read more

EPIC FAIL: Bishops Policing Bishops

Catholic faithful across the country have demanded accountability from their bishops for the past year as sexual abuse scandals unfolded at the highest levels of the church. On Thursday, the bishops at last gave their response, in the form of a slate of new policies for policing themselves. Some Catholics, including advocates for more accountability, … Read more

Cardinal Wuerl Caught In Another Lie?

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who has said repeatedly that he didn’t know about years of sexual misconduct complaints involving his predecessor in the District, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, was named in a 2005 settlement agreement that included allegations against McCarrick, according to the accuser in the case and documents obtained by The Washington Post. Two of the … Read more

Cardinal Donald Wuerl Says He Will Go to Rome to Discuss his Potential Resignation

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who has faced increasing calls for his resignation over his handling of sexual abuse cases, wrote on Tuesday that he will soon discuss with Pope Francis the possibility of stepping down as leader of the Archdiocese of Washington. Wuerl did not say in his letter to priests whether he will ask Francis … Read more

As Rumors of Sexual Misdeeds Swirled, Cardinal McCarrick Became a Powerful Fundraiser for the Vatican

When Theodore McCarrick arrived in D.C. in 2001 to be the region’s Catholic archbishop, it was clear right away that he was something very rare: a celebrity priest. The vivacious cleric reportedly had spent time with famous Americans such as Bing Crosby and the Hearst family. He was a prolific fundraiser for big-name Catholic groups … Read more