Dr. Janet Smith: Addressing Homosexuality in Uganda, Part III

As I stated in previous columns, Ugandans don’t have much experience of homosexuality. What there is of it in their culture is largely unseen. One of my challenges was to help them understand the phenomenon of homosexuality and why a compassionate response is warranted. My lifetime work on contraception has led me to look closely at other sexual sins, such as homosexuality.

I have read countless books on the subject and have also learned a great deal from close friendships with men who experience same-sex attractions. These men want to live chaste lives but find the challenge nearly impossible—until they turn their lives over to Christ. In order to illustrate the causes of homosexuality and the trials faced by those attempting to live chaste lives, I told the real-life stories of several homosexual men: Paul Darrow, Hudson Byblow, Dan Mattson, Andy Comiskey, and Ken Williams.

  1. Something happens (such as sexual abuse, paternal neglect, exposure to homosexual pornography) that corrupts a man’s makeup.
  2. That corruption leads to unwanted, unchosen same-sex desires.
  3. These desires seem ineradicable.
  4. Those with same-sex attraction fear chastity will lead to a life of loneliness and believe only other gays will accept them.
  5. Because homosexuals feel helpless against their desires, they are filled with self-hatred and despair, sometimes to the point of contemplating suicide.
  6. Most of them have at least a period in their lives where they are wildly promiscuous and, over time, can have hundreds of partners, some anonymous.
  7. Nonetheless, some date in pursuit of romance and “love”; they will sometimes find someone with whom to settle down and “marry,” though very few, if any, of those relationships are faithful. Nor is fidelity really required; being sexually with others is tolerated and even expected as long as there is no emotional commitment with another man.
  8. Natural means, such as counseling, give them some insight into the sources of their desires and provide some relief but do not equip them to control their desires.
  9. Most homosexuals know “deep down” that homosexual sexual acts are wrong.
  10. They think God hates them because He let them become homosexual and that He also hates them for the depraved actions they have performed.

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