Dr. Janet Smith: Addressing Homosexuality in Uganda, Part III

As I stated in previous columns, Ugandans don’t have much experience of homosexuality. What there is of it in their culture is largely unseen. One of my challenges was to help them understand the phenomenon of homosexuality and why a compassionate response is warranted. My lifetime work on contraception has led me to look closely … Read more

Modernist Catholic Recovery Conference

If Catholics want to hold a conference for Catholics who have been wounded by the modern Church, they will likely need a huge venue. A group named “Trad Recovery” is holding a conference this summer to minister to people who have been harmed by their involvement in traditionalist communities. Some traditionalist Catholics have taken offense … Read more

Declaration of Catholic Women to Bishops on the “Synod on Synodality”

Our Lord Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church to be the “light of the world”, that through the successors of the Apostles we might hear His voice and all nations be led to eternal salvation. Yet in recent times the moral authority of the Catholic Church appears to have been co-opted by the spirit of … Read more

The Cover-Up Continues

Those who have become familiar with the fate of persons sexually abused by priests know that victims experience the indifference (or worse) of Church authorities to their abuse as a tremendous betrayal—something that does more harm than the abuse itself. They experience the Church more as Judas than the Bride of Christ. Indifference, dismissal, cover-up, … Read more

WATCH: The Fake Theology Behind Vaccine Mandates

  Dr. Janet Smith discussing her column with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN In her National Catholic Reporter article “Catholics seeking ‘religious’ exemptions from vaccines must follow true church teaching on conscience”, M. Therese Lysaught, a professor of bioethics and a corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, maintains that Catholics in good conscience MUST … Read more

Without the Right of Conscience, There Is No Common Good

Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich recently mandated that all priests and employees of his diocese receive vaccinations against COVID-19. While medical exemptions to his mandate will be granted, religious exemptions will be refused. You read that correctly. With a broad appeal to the “common good,” the cardinal is refusing to recognize individual objections of conscience. Perhaps … Read more

The Limits of a Priest’s Right to Privacy

Yesterday Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill resigned from his position at the USCCB as a general secretary with responsibility for overseeing sex abuse cases. What caused the resignation of the highest-ranking non-bishop Church official in the country? He was caught regularly using apps that connect men who want to have sex with other men. Burrill shouldn’t be … Read more