Meet the Gay Designer Making the Pope’s Vestments

Filippo Sorcinelli, an Italian designer known for his intricate tattoos and muscular build, has been making waves in the fashion world with his unique contributions to papal vestments. Despite the Vatican’s conservative stance on LGBTQ issues, Sorcinelli’s work, which includes over 20 garments for Pope Francis, showcases a distinct queer aesthetic. His designs blend traditional … Read more

Dr. Janet Smith: Addressing Homosexuality in Uganda, Part III

As I stated in previous columns, Ugandans don’t have much experience of homosexuality. What there is of it in their culture is largely unseen. One of my challenges was to help them understand the phenomenon of homosexuality and why a compassionate response is warranted. My lifetime work on contraception has led me to look closely … Read more

Pope Francis Meets with Fr. James Martin AGAIN, Reportedly Affirming His LGBT Activism

Pope Francis reportedly met again with the heretical pro-LGBT priest Father James Martin, S.J., who said the Pontiff “confirmed” his homosexual activism. “I was honored to meet with Pope Francis for an hour-long conversation today at Casa Santa Marta,” said Martin in a post on X, Wednesday. Martin wrote that he received Francis’ “permission to … Read more

Francis Reportedly AGAIN Refers To “Faggotry” When Discussing Homosexuals

Pope Francis has reportedly once again used the Italian word for “faggotry” when addressing a private meeting, a move likely to cause headaches for the Vatican press office and a case of whiplash for gay Catholic advocates who have long considered the pontiff an advocate. The Italian news service ANSA reported that on Tuesday, during … Read more

The Triumph of the Therapeutic Mentality

By the triumph of the therapeutic mentality, indeed therapeutic way of life, I mean a gospel of personal happiness in which happiness rests on the justification of self-authenticating experiences. This therapeutic way of life is pervasive throughout the domain of, for example, homosexual sexual experiences in which “no criteria of validity [for those experiences is … Read more

Priests are the Sleeper Cells in Rome’s Homosexual Revolution

The protagonists of the homosexual revolution in the Church of Rome are almost exclusively Catholic priests. This is the alarming conclusion drawn in the book The Breached Dam: The Fiducia Supplicans Surrender to the Homosexual Movement released last Monday in Rome by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, a traditionalist Catholic … Read more

Francis Pens Preface to Pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin’s Latest Book

The Vatican has published Pope Francis’ preface to a book by pro-LGBT Father James Martin, S.J., in which the pontiff makes a statement that may be interpreted to claim that one can maintain friendship with God while in mortal sin. In September 2023, Martin’s book Come Forth: The Promise of Jesus’s Greatest Miracle was published, … Read more

Pope Urges Expelled Homosexual Seminarian to Pursue Vocation

Francis writes to gay aspirant contradicting claim of “too much faggotry” in seminaries Pope Francis is encouraging a seminarian dismissed for homosexuality to pursue his calling to the priesthood, days after the pontiff triggered a media storm by noting that there is already “too much faggotry” in seminaries. “I was expelled from the seminary because … Read more

Francis Appoints 3 Pro-Gay Prelates to Vatican Doctrinal Office

Pope Francis appointed three prelates, known for their support for homosexuality, to the Vatican’s doctrinal office Saturday, just as LGBT groups were kicking off gay pride month. Edward Pentin, a veteran Vatican journalist and author of The Next Pope, noted that the three men, two of whom are cardinals, have all been on the front … Read more