Pope Francis Meets with Fr. James Martin AGAIN, Reportedly Affirming His LGBT Activism

Pope Francis reportedly met again with the heretical pro-LGBT priest Father James Martin, S.J., who said the Pontiff “confirmed” his homosexual activism.

“I was honored to meet with Pope Francis for an hour-long conversation today at Casa Santa Marta,” said Martin in a post on X, Wednesday.

Martin wrote that he received Francis’ “permission to share” that the Pontiff “has known many good, holy and celibate seminarians and priests with homosexual tendencies.” However, the day before, Francis used the vulgar term “faggotry” for at least the second time in a month while discussing men with a homosexual inclination entering seminaries, according to Italian media outlets.

The Jesuit priest added that Francis again “confirmed” his so-called “ministry with LGBTQ people” and “showed his openness and love” for what Martin described as the “the LGBTQ community.”

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