Bishop Barry Silent on FBI Targeting ‘Radical’ Catholics

UPDATE: Knestout issues statement. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) as well as the Diocese of Richmond have remained conspicuously silent on Wednesday’s release of the bombshell memorandum from the FBI’s Richmond, Virginia office declaring that “Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology” is a magnet for “violent extremists.” Both organizations have neglected to mention, in any … Read more

Cupich Planning To Sell Historic Chicago Church To Someone Who Hosted Simulated Homoerotic Orgy

The owner of a luxury event venue that has regularly hosted lewd performances, including a simulated homoerotic orgy and obscene, perverse music videos, is preparing to close on the purchase of the beloved, historic St. Adalbert’s Catholic Church in Chicago. Dan Davidson, who specializes in digital image projection for entertainment venues, told LifeSiteNews on January … Read more

Pope Francis Reportedly Flouts Church Teaching, Says ‘Forgive All’ Sins Even With ‘No Intention To Repent’

In a sharp departure from Scriptural and Catholic Church teaching, Pope Francis has allegedly advised Spanish seminarians to “forgive all” even when there is no intention to repent. The Catalan blog Germinans Germinabit originally reported that “according to several seminarians,” on December 10, Pope Francis specially emphasized during their visit to him in Rome that … Read more

Vatican Synod Website Celebrates Homosexuality and Child Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

In a sharp and monumental departure from Catholic Church teaching, the Vatican celebrated “testimonies” of child adoption by homosexual couples as well as homosexuality itself. The Synod on Synodality website, overseen by the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, on Friday highlighted as praiseworthy three stories of gay adoption that were shared by Noelle … Read more

300 Catholics Attend Chicago Rosary Rally to Protest Cdl. Cupich’s Crackdown on the Latin Mass

Over 300 Chicago Catholics on Sunday protested Cardinal Blase Cupich’s crackdown on the Traditional Latin Mass. The Catholics gathered to pray the rosary outside of Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral on February 6, the “commencement day” of Cupich’s ban on Traditional Latin Masses celebrated on the first Sunday of the month. “What have we done to … Read more

Faithful Priest Says Apostasy ‘Very Probably’ Ushering In the Apocalypse and Rise of the Antichrist

A faithful priest has warned that the events of the Book of the Apocalypse may be unfolding. This “parking lot priest,” one of the pastors who continued to say Mass during the 2020 church lockdowns, believes the current scourges have been ushered by the veneration of the pagan goddess Pachamama in the Vatican, which the … Read more

Popular Illinois Priest Departs Parish After Bishop Threatens Him With ‘Penalties Under Church Law’

‘I was compelled to depart the Parish campus to protect my flock from the rapidly escalating discord, strife and confusion,’ Father James Parker recently stated. A popular priest who said he would stay at his parish after he was unexpectedly told by his bishop that his assignment had ended and was not assigned to a … Read more

Heretical Bishop Stowe Breaks With USCCB On Pro-Homosexual Act

Pro-homosexual Bishop John Stowe is breaking with his fellow U.S. bishops by publicly supporting the Equality Act. The bill would effectively criminalize Christianity by overriding conscience objections to practices such as performing abortions and transgender surgeries, and denying placement of foster children with same-sex couples. “As a Catholic bishop, I hate to see any form … Read more