Have You Accepted Antichrist as Your Personal Lord and Savior?

It’s not often I agree with progressive Christians, especially those chosen by Pope Francis as leaders in the U.S. church — from the “short list” drawn up by Francis’ longtime power broker (now disgraced child molester) Theodore McCarrick.

For a brief, shining moment, I wondered if I’d misjudged the intellectual leader of Pope Francis’ rising faction among American bishops, Cardinal Robert McElroy. He’s better educated and craftier with words than most of the catty office politicians whom Francis selected to help pick the next pope. (See Blaise Cupich and Joseph Tobin.)

What’s more, Cardinal McElroy apparently agrees with me on a crucial question. Each of us has written that attitudes toward sexual morality are so important to Christian faith, that to understand false teachings we must invoke the presence of evil — even of demons.

There’s just one teensy difference we need to iron out between us, the cardinal and me. I believe that the Enemy is behind the “new gospel” that fuels the rainbow juggernaut that’s crushing faithful Christians across the West on behalf of Caesar, Mammon, and Sodom. What Cardinal McElroy calls “demonic” is the traditional teaching of the Old and New Testaments, and 2000 years of bishops, popes, and saints.

Like a fire marshal and an arsonist, I and the cardinal are both interested in combustion. We just take different attitudes toward it. I’m not sure such a gap can be bridged.

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